Apple Mac OS X WiFi Setup

Step 0) Delete prior profiles

Open system prefs

Open the System Preferences control panel and launch the "Profiles" panel.

Remove profile

Select the "Harvard Secure" and/or "Eduroam" profile, click the "[-]" button at the bottom, and then confirm the deletion by clicking the "Remove" button.

If you have no "Harvard Secure" or "Eduroam" profiles, you can skip to the next step.

Step 1) Turn Wi-Fi On

Wifi icon

Locate the WiFi icon at the top of your screen and turn it on (if it is not on already.)

Step 2) Select SSID "Harvard University" from the WiFi menu

Select Harvard Help from SSID menu

Choose the "Harvard WiFi Setup" SSID from the WiFi menu and wait for your Wireless card to connect to the network.

Step 3) Open a web browser and load

Harvard GetOnline webpage

Launch your favorite web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and open

Choose "I Have a HarvardKey" and you will be directed to the next page.

Step 4) Choose "Harvard Secure" or "eduroam"

Harvard Secure or eduroam Harvard Secure network

Step 5) Select your device and click the "JoinNow" button

Mac OS detected

Your Mac OS system should be automatically detected. If it was incorrectly detected, you can select the correct system in the drop-down box at the bottom of the page.

When ready, click the "JoinNow" button to continue.

Step 6) Download and Install a DMG file called "SecureW2_JoinNow"

Download DMG file

Double-click the file in your Download menu to open it.

SecureW2 JoinNow app

Double-click the SecureW2 app to install it on your Macintosh.

Warning about download

You may receive this warning. Please click "Open" to install the app.

Step 7) Enter your HarvardKey and Password

Enter your HarvardKey and Password

When prompted, enter your HarvardKey and Password and click "Next".

Mac OS authorization prompt

You may be prompted to enter your Mac OS username and password so that SecureW2 can operate on your computer.

Use keychain

You may also be prompted to allow the use of your MacOS Keychain to store/retrieve your credentials. Please select "Always Allow".

Step 8) Verify that you are connected to "Harvard Secure"

Harvard Wireless joined

After joining the network, please verify that you are correctly connected to the "Harvard Secure" wireless network.

Harvard Secure network

You should be connected to "Harvard Secure", if not, select it from the WiFi drop-down menu.